Five-Star Charities

Charity Intelligence has rated over 800 charities on a scale of 0 to 5 stars. Below is a list of the 5-star charities that we have found to date, based on our metrics. To see how the star ratings are calculated, please see our methodology page.

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  • Opportunity International Canada [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Changing lives, changing course. Replacing poverty with sustainability.

    International Aid

    Waterloo, ON

  • Our Place [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Live, share and grow together.

    Social Services - Homeless (shelter)

    Victoria, BC

  • Pathways to Education [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Building a graduation nation


    Toronto, ON

  • Queen's University [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times

    Education - University

    Kingston, ON

  • Ryan's Well Foundation [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene changes everything

    International Aid

    Kemptville, ON

  • Ryerson University [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    At the heart of it all

    Education - University

    Toronto, ON

  • Saskatoon Food Bank [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Ensuring a food secure community

    Social Services - Food Bank (Multi-Service Agency)

    Saskatoon, SK

  • Second Harvest [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    30 years of food rescue

    Social Services - Food Bank (Distributor)

    Toronto, ON

  • SEVA Canada [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Giving the gift of sight.

    International Aid

    Vancouver, BC

  • Simon Fraser University [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Engaging The World

    Education - University

    Vancouver, BC

  • St. Stephen's Community House [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Creating Opportunities. Strengthening Communities.

    Social Services

    Toronto, ON

  • Street Health [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Together We Can Make It Work

    Social Services - Homeless

    Toronto, ON

  • Streetohome Foundation [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Working to ensure that all citizens of Vancouver have access to safe, decent, affordable housing.

    Social Services - Homeless

    Vancouver, BC

  • Terry Fox Foundation [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    A single dream. A world of hope.

    Health - Cancer

    Burnaby, BC

  • The Compass [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Help for today, hope for tomorrow

    Social Services - Food Bank (Multi-Service Agency)

    Mississauga, ON

  • Removing barriers for children so that every child is nourished and able to learn.

    Social Services - Youth

    Toronto, ON

  • United Way East Ontario [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Changing Lives. Together.

    Fundraising Organization

    Ottawa, ON

  • United Way Elgin Middlesex [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    We mobilize the power of our community to create lasting change

    Fundraising Organization

    London, ON

  • United Way of Calgary and Area [Charity Rating: 5/5]

    Building a great city for all.

    Fundraising Organization

    Calgary, AB

  • Change starts here

    Fundraising Organization

    Fort McMurray, AB