Top 10 Impact Charities

A growing niche of donors each year is looking for terrific charities to support, particularly those that have measurable, proven, and high impact.

Most charities claim that they “make a difference” in the lives of those they work with, but it is very difficult for donors to tell how much of a difference any given charity is making. Charity Intelligence’s rigorous analysis measures this difference, or the impact, charities actually make to see how each dollar we give can create the most positive change. 

Over $18 billion was given to charities by Canadian donors last year and a significant portion of that is going to less effective charities. Donors often focus on the reputation of the charity or they get distracted by salaries or administrative costs when what really matters is understanding the impact they create.

“Some charities create a lot of change with the donations given to them. Others have almost nothing to show for the money coming from donors” says Greg Thomson, Director of Research at Charity Intelligence. “Of the 300 Canadian charities we have analysed for impact, these Top 10 have the highest measurable demonstrated impact. Our calculations estimate this group of Top 10 Impact Charities delivers average returns of roughly 6 dollars for every dollar donated, compared with overall average charity returns of only about 1.5 dollars.”

The 2023 Top 10 Impact Charities cover frontline charities providing social services in Canada, such as food, education, and addiction recovery, as well as international programs bringing evidence-based programs to developing countries, like clean water, health and education programs.  All of these charities produce high impact per dollar with their programs.


2023 Top 10 Impact Charities based on demonstrated impact per dollar donated (listed alphabetically): 

 Charity  Location  Sector  To Donate
 Against Malaria Foundation  Toronto, ON  International - Health   Donate
 Cambridge Food Bank  Cambridge, ON  Food  Donate
 Canadian Foodgrains Bank  Winnipeg, MB     International - Food  Donate
 The Citizens Foundation   Oakville, ON  International - Education    Donate
 Edmonton's Food Bank  Edmonton, AB  Food   Donate
 First Book Canada  Toronto, ON  Youth - Education  Donate
 Fresh Start Recovery  Calgary, AB  Addiction Recovery  Donate
 Indspire  Ohsweken, ON  First Nations - Education  Donate
 Lifewater Canada  Thunder Bay, ON      International - Water  Donate
 Operation Eyesight Universal  Calgary, AB  International - Health  Donate

For more information on these charities, please view our Top 10 Impact Charities Summary.

To meet Canadian donors’ growing demand for impact charities, Ci also released 6 additional lists of charities with top impact:

These Top Impact Charities are a breed apart from the over 850 Canadian charities we report on and rate. Charity Intelligence’s star ratings are based on an assessment of 5 objective aspects: 1. donor reporting, 2. financial transparency, 3. funding need, 4. cents to the cause, and 5. demonstrated impact. The 5-Star rated charities based on these metrics are listed in the 2023 100 Highest Rated Charities report.

The demonstrated impact rating is different and looks at only one aspect: for every dollar you donate, what’s the measurable return to clients and society?

Rather than just heart-warming stories, impact donors feel good about proven results, data quality, and strong counterfactuals. Recently a charity asked, “wouldn’t you agree that making a child smile is priceless?” Our answer is “no”. Impact donors always consider opportunity costs. Money is a scarce resource. If comparing two charities where one charity saves lives for $100,000 each and a second charity saves lives for $20,000 each, impact donors will support the second charity that creates 5 times the impact per dollar. Five lives saved compared with one life saved for the same donation. Impact donors give for the highest change created from their donations.

Some call Charity Intelligence a “charity watchdog”. We see ourselves as research analysts who help Canadian donors give better. Yes, we hold charities to account for the generous support they receive from Canadian donors and expect them to be financially transparent, and yes, we call out exorbitant overhead costs or charities that don’t need more funding. Similarly, each giving season we also call out the best impact charities we’ve found. Charity Intelligence’s reports are independent and objective – charities do not pay for ratings or listing on our website.

Charity Intelligence’s reports and ratings help Canadians give confidently. With greater confidence, people say they gave 32% more money. 

Charity Intelligence’s impact analysis began in 2006 and is an ongoing research project that is generously funded by donors. For more information on our impact assessment please view our Social Impact Ratings Methodology or contact Greg Thomson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you find Charity Intelligence’s research useful in your giving, please consider donating to support our work. Being entirely funded by donors like you maintains our independence and objectivity to help Canadians be informed in their giving. Canadians donate over $18 billion each year. This giving could achieve tremendous results. We hope Charity Intelligence's research helps Canadians give better.


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“Every investment is an impact investment. The problem is most people don’t know if their investment has positive or negative impact.”

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