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Student Summer Interns

Charity Intelligence is hiring Summer Interns.  Interns will be working with our Charity Intelligence analysts in undertaking ground-breaking research for Canada's most prominent database of charitable efficiency and effectiveness. Interns are trained in the Ci way to write charity reports for donors. In the course of Ci's work, interns analyse charity annual reports, financial statements and filings, and communicate with each charity. Intern positions are typically based in Toronto but will remain remote as long as COVID prevails. The work is hard, the Ci team is fun, the results change lives.

Qualifications: Ci is looking for university students (2nd year +) with strong analytical and research skills who have curious and open minds and excel in critical thinking. Writing skills are essential to clearly communicate complex issues to funders. In addition, financial or accounting experience is required to work through charities’ audited financial statements to uncover how donations are actually spent.

This position is great summer experience for those looking to go into management consulting, investment banking, or equity research.

Timing: May 3 – Aug 31, 2021

To apply, please send cover letter, resume, and a copy of your transcripts (official copy not required) to Greg Thomson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Each year Ci receives over 400 applications for 3 - 5 positions. Thank you for the incredible interest in charity research. We wish we had more capacity to hire more summer interns.

Volunteer Opportunities

Charity Intelligence is continuously looking for volunteers to help us with various aspects of our work. Our small team does not have the capacity to train people; we need volunteers with prior experience. 

Charity Research:  We always have room for experienced professionals with CFAs, CAs, MBAs, etc.. Ci's volunteers have made significant contributions to understanding and analysing different charity sectors: John Grandy, a Ci volunteer, wrote Environmental Charities in Canada, Karen Greve Young with Greg Thomson wrote Cancer in Canada, Chris Murphy and Indi Gopinathan wrote the book on analysing food banks, and Kate Ruff wrote on social enterprises as well as charity reporting, to name a few.

Social Media and IT: Charity Intelligence would like its website and social media outreach to be more dynamic. If anyone has expertise in social media (HootSuite, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook) and Joomla coding for a more dynamic website, and you can see how we need to improve, please contact us.  

Fundraising: Ci would cherish anyone with a passion for fundraising, grant writing, and donor communications.

Please send a brief email with your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"I've had a few stops on my career after leaving Ci. While I've met some great people and done some impactful work, I haven't found a team like Ci - the level of commitment and intellectual curiosity is unmatched. I miss you guys".

... we keep in touch.

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