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The following is a select number of news items and externally published charitable giving insights.


December 3, 2019 Globe and Mail article on impact giving, a central driving force in today's philanthropy.



November 24, 2019 Zoomer interview with Libby Znaimer: discussing Charity Intelligence's website with reports on 750 Canadian charities, impact, overhead costs, and giving tips for 2019.


October 2019 Maclean's Top 100 Charities Ranking:


November 2, 2019 CBC The National: Watchdog urges donors to think twice before giving to pro-sport charities CBC The National's coverage on Charity Intelligence's report on pro-sport charities.


September 23 2017, CBC NewsFaced with multiple natural disasters, charities broaden appeals

"One disaster appeal can galvanize a community, multiple disaster appeals can paralyse", Kate Bahen, Charity Intelligence.


May 2016: Fort McMurray disaster - intelligent giving for disaster relief and recovery

There has been enormous media interest in how best to donate to help Fort McMurray's recovery and Charity Intelligence's focus on Fort McMurray's overlooked local charities. 


Wisdom Gained: Lessons learned the hard way in disaster relief and recovery. The how-to manual on rebuilding a Canadian community after a disaster, compiled by the Township of Slave Lake. This 44-page pdf is an excellent primer for understanding disaster relief and recovery with charitable giving insights.


May 10 2016, Stanford Social Innovation Review: The Next Frontier in Social Impact Measurement Isn't Measurement at All: Why we need skilled analysts to improve social capital markets

Ci's former colleague Kate Ruff, PhD candidate at the Schulich School of Business, founding board director of Social Value Canada, award winning writer, with Sara Olsen, "Excellent article with many great insights to the practical side of measuring social impact." 


2014, BMO Philanthropy Survey: Canadian donors give for impact yet 43% are not sure if a charity will wisely spend their donation.


July 24 2014, CBC News: Can Aspirin treat breast cancer? Why aren't we trying to find out?

This news story raises critical questions that shine the spotlight on cancer research charities.


January 1 2014, Government of Canada: CRA Charities gifting tax shelter schemes 2013 report 


May 13 2013, Voluntary Sector Network: It's good that charities are interested in data, but why only now?, Tris Lumley, New Philanthropy Capital UK

Does a historical lack of demand for data in the social sector reflect a lack of genuine problem-solving?


April 5 2013, Canada Revenue Agency: How do I choose the right charity?

A video about researching charities to give with more confidence.


February 13 2013, Social Impact Analysts Association: Will there ever be a common social reporting standard?, Harry Hoare, Social Finance UK

Harry Hoare comments on Ci Analyst, Kate Ruff's, SIAA conference keynote address on social reporting standards.


August 1 2012, ZOOMER Radio AM 740: The Zoomer Week in Review Podcast, Libby Znaimer (LISTEN)

This week on the Zoomer Week In Review, Libby gets some Charity Intelligence with Karen Greve-Young. The podcast is an interview supplement to the full report by Libby Znaimer printed in the July/August 2012 Zoomer Magazine.


July 1 2012, ZOOMER Magazine: Acts of Charity (Money/Advice)

Before you give, says Libby Znaimer, find out where your money is going.

"Too often people make a donation without thinking how much of this money is going to the charity itself," says Karen Greve-Young of Charity Intelligence Canada. She feels there are a few key questions every donor should ask. "How much of this money is going to achieve real impact? What are the programs this money will actually go to? And is this a charity where I can have the biggest impact on either saving lives or improving treatment or experience for Canadians?"...

(This article was reproduced with permission from the July/August issue of Zoomer Magazine)


February 1 2012, CBC Radio: Informed Giving and Clothing Donations

Toronto's Metro Morning host, Matt Galloway, spoke with Bri Trypuc about Informed Giving and clothing donations. (Audio. runs 5:42)


January 20 2012, CBC National Investigative Report: Clothing donation bins spark turf war in Ontario

The business of collecting donated clothes, selling them in local thrift stores and shipping them overseas has become so lucrative it has created a cut-throat turf war in Ontario. One man in the industry said competition for routes in the past two to three years has become "violent."...

Used Clothing Wars (Video. Runs 7:48 ); BRI TRYPUC extended commentary (Video. Runs 3:22)


December 22 2011, The National Post: Overwhelmed by charity

Charities seeking donations have inundated seniors such as Janet Simms-Baldwin with cards, gifts and address labels "by the thousands."


November 26 2011, CTV Canada AM: Put more meaning into the gift of charity

With so many charities and charitable gift options to choose from this holiday season, Bri Trypuc of Donor Services at Charity Intelligence Canada looks at how a new website can help you decide where your money will do the most good. (Video. Runs 4:00)


November 16 2011 Toronto Star Editorial: Charitable sector needs transparency

Charity Intelligence begins the campaign for sunlight and transparency in Canada's charity sector. Is it too much to ask large charities to post a pdf on their website so donors can see how the money is spent? 


November 16 2011, The Toronto Star: Toronto charity goes from zero to $60M in a year

A Toronto charity that went from receiving zero donor dollars one year to $60 million the next raised “serious red flags” for an independent agency that evaluates Canadian charities...


November 15 2011, The Toronto Star: Audit of charities encounters resistance

Nineteen of Canada’s 100 largest charities do not release their full audited financial statements to the public and refused to provide them to an independent agency that evaluates charities...


November 1 2011, Globe and Mail: Making game-changing assists off the court

Star athletes are uniquely positioned to generate charitable donations within the city in which they play, and their teams often rely heavily on their drawing power when it comes to the big business that is sports philanthropy.


October 31 2011, Globe and Mail: What's the best charity for you?


October 29 2011, Globe and Mail: Charities upset over accountability comments


October 28 2011, Globe and Mail: Corporate giving coming with more strings attached


October 9 2011, Globe and Mail: Here's how we can be both smart and good


July 28 2011, Macleans: Buy, sell, donate: A new breed of analysts is using investing techniques to better scrutinize the booming charity business


July 6 2011, CBC Radio Noon:

[Charity Intelligence] thinks the Canadian Cancer Society has some explaining to do. About why - proportionally - it's spending less on research...and more on fundraising. It raises the question: Are you - as the donor - aware of where your money is going when you donate. It's part of an investigation by CBC Television's Marketplace. Greg Thomson is with Charity Intelligence in Toronto. That new non-profit organization that researches and analyzes Canada's charities to help you make better decisions. (Audio. Runs 5:34)


April 26 2011: Cancer in Canada Media Release: Framing the Crisis and Previewing the Opportunity for Donors


December 22 2010, Calgary Herald: Anonymous donor gives $1 million to charities


September 22 2010, CBC: Charities paid $762M to private fundraisers


Jan 25 2010: Charity Village Smart Giving Article


November 19 2009: Media Release: New Research Uncovers Solutions for Ending Canada’s Homeless Tragedy

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