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    • Pacific Assistance Dogs Society [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      You hold the key

      Social Services

      Burnaby, BC

    • Pacific Salmon Foundation [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Bringing salmon back, stream by stream.


      Vancouver, BC

    • Pancreatic Cancer Canada [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Committed to improving pancreatic cancer survival and creating hope through awareness, education, patient support and research

      Health - Cancer

      Toronto, ON

    • Inclusive Communities. Responsive Healthcare. Healthier Lives.


      Toronto, ON

    • Parkinson Canada [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Supporting Canadians with Parkinson's since 1965


      Toronto, ON

    • Partners In Health Canada [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Saving Lives, Revitalizing Communities, Transforming Global Health

      International Aid

      Toronto, ON

    • Partners in Mission Food Bank [Charity Rating: 5/5]

      Providing nourishment and hope to those we serve.

      Social Services - Food Bank (Distributor)

      Kingston, ON

    • Pathways Clubhouse [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Find mental wellness in a safe place

      Social Services - Homeless (Mental Health)

      Richmond, BC

    • Pathways to Education [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      A better future for Canada starts with high school graduation


      Toronto, ON

    • Peace Arch Hospital Foundation [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Quality health care. Close to home.

      Health - Hospital Foundation

      White Rock, BC

    • Penny Appeal Canada [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Small change. Big difference.

      International Aid

      Mississauga, ON

    • Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      To glorify God


      Mississauga, ON

    • Peoples Ministries [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      Worshiping God as we make disciples of Jesus Christ.


      Toronto, ON

    • Making great care possible.

      Health - Hospital Foundation

      Peterborough, ON

    • Pine River Institute [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      A residential treatment centre and outdoor leadership experience

      Social Services - At-Risk Youth

      Toronto, ON

    • Plan International Canada [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Plan to change the world

      International Aid

      Toronto, ON

    • Pollution Probe Foundation [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Clean Air. Clean Water.


      Toronto, ON

    • Portage Foundation [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      Freedom from addiction

      Fundraising Organization

      Montreal, QC

    • Portage Ontario [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      Freedom from Addiction

      Social Services - At-Risk Youth (Addiction Recovery)

      Toronto, ON

    • Potential Place [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      A world where people with a mental illness are able to lead productive and rewarding lives.

      Social Services

      Calgary, AB

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