Your 2023 Update on Charity Intelligence

Your 2023 Update on Charity Intelligence


Dear Friends of Charity Intelligence,

Here's a long overdue update of what we've been up to,  how we've spent your donations, and some awards picked up along the way.

Summer 2023 Research Update

Over the summer, your Charity Intelligence team cranked out 513 charity reports. This is 18% more than the 436 charity updates completed over summer 2022 and sets a new high-water mark for what Charity Intelligence can do. 

We hope you find the updated charity reports useful as the 2023 Giving Season kicks-off. Search for your favourite charity on Charity Intelligence's website to learn the latest facts and figures, or see the full line up of 839 charities with the A-Z listing. 89% of you tell us these reports inform your giving and 70% say reading a Charity Intelligence report helped your giving have higher impact.

Your donation to Charity Intelligence paid for this summers’ eight interns who did this work. Charity Intelligence has the training, templates, and process. Your generosity controls how many charity reports are updated each year. We hope we can count on you to fund our research in 2024.

On October 4th we released the 2023 Top 100 charities. This list highlights charities that earn our highest five-star rating.

If you would like to be the patron of a charity sector (for example, food banks, animal welfare, or environment) this is a new opportunity for donors we’re exploring. I will soon have the audited costs per intern and cost per charity report. Please email me.

Winner of Jackman CJF and Michener Awards

Celebrate! June and July were award months. Charity Intelligence’s work for journalists won the 2021 and 2022 Michener Award, as well as the 2022 Jackman Canadian Journalism Foundation (CJF) award for excellence in public journalism. These are Canada's highest awards in journalism, our equivalent of the American Pulitzer prize.

The Globe and Mail won the 2021 Michener Award for its investigation into the wealth of the Catholic Church in Canada and why its reparations to residential schools are so small. The Globe’s reporters called on Charity Intelligence’s expertise to do the first-ever financial analysis of Canada’s Catholic Church. Click here to read the Globe and Mail’s story from August 2021.

“A Globe and Mail team conducted the first-ever analysis of the Catholic Church’s finances in Canada. The scope and depth of these investigations are remarkable and their impacts will be felt for years to come.”
Pierre-Paul Noreau, Michener Award President

The 2022 Michener Award and the 2022 Jackman CJF Award also went to the Globe and Mail for its coverage on Hockey Canada’s deep financial pockets. We helped explain how Hockey Canada moved its money around to hide it from public view. Here’s the Globe and Mail story from November 2022.

Here’s the Globe’s Grant Robertson accepting the award. (Get the Kleenex ready.)

The Globe and Mail kindly wrote, “Charity Intelligence is an asset to Canada.” It is our honour to work with journalists to get the numbers right and help add the financial piece to their stories. We don’t charge for this. You generously fund this service to Canada. Thank you.

Help spread the word

The most common feedback you give us is that not enough people know about Charity Intelligence and we need to get the word out more. The charity sector is crowded, and marketing is very, very expensive. Yet nothing is more powerful than word of mouth – it’s cheap too! Please help us and share this email with your friends and contacts.

And, if you want your giving to have high impact, please consider a donation to Charity Intelligence.

On behalf of your Ci team,
Kate Bahen
Managing Director

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