Environmental Charities in Canada

Environmental Charities in Canada

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John Grandy, August 2013

Canada is blessed with an abundance of land, oceans and lakes. In contrast to other countries, especially those with developing economies, Canada's environment issues may seem trifling. The vast majority of Canadians enjoy fresh air and water. Yet are we living beyond our means, extracting more from our environment than is sustainable? What is the price of our prosperity on nature? What can we do better today to ensure future generations of Canadians have a healthy environment? As Canadians, it is our environment. It is our responsibility to steward and our responsibility to meet today's challenges.

About the Author

John Grandy has been involved as a volunteer and donor with several Environmental charities over the last several years. In a former period in his career he was an officer with Scotiabank and TD Bank and a research analyst with several Canadian investment banks. His most recent position was Director of Research for Thomas Weisel Partners Canada. John holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto and a Master's degree from Oxford University.



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