Crossroads Christian Communications

320-1295 North Service Road
Burlington, ON L7R 4M2
CEO: Kevin Shepherd
Board Chair: Stevan Novoselac

Charitable Reg. #:10699 3926 RR0001


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Audited financial statements for current and previous years available on the charity’s website.



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Charity's cash and investments (funding reserves) relative to how much it spends on programs in most recent year.



For a dollar donated, after overhead costs of fundraising and admin/management (excluding surplus) 78 cents are available for programs.

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About Crossroads Christian Communications:

Crossroads Christian Communications is a 4-star charity. It has overhead spending within Ci's reasonable range and a below-average results reporting grade. Crossroads Christian Communications has $3.2m in reserve funds, which can cover program costs for 4 months. The charity is financially transparent.

Founded in 1972, Crossroads Christian Communications (Crossroads) broadcasts faith and values media for audiences of all ages. It was founded by Rev. David Mainse, a Canadian evangelical Christian leader. Crossroads Christian Communications aims to convey the story of Jesus Christ through inspiring media and is accessible by anyone at any time. The charity reports 66.5 million gospel interactions worldwide and 304 million impressions through broadcast promotions in F2022. Its three programs focus on Media, Prayer and Cares.

Media – 68% of program spending

Crossroads Christian Communications creates Christian media for all ages. These include television programs, news reports, podcasts and streaming services. Its main program, 100 Huntley Street, started in 1977. In F2022, it had 19.5 million YouTube views, which Crossroads reports is a 13% year-over-year growth. Its Context Beyond the Headlines news program had 2,300 new YouTube subscribers in F2022. The Hey Meisha! program for kids aired 16 new episodes and produced six original worship songs. The charity adds that 300 kids joined a live praise party in Atlantic Canada. Castle, a faith-based, kid-safe streaming service, had over 21,000 subscribers in F2022. Crossroads reports broadcasting to over 7 million annual subscribers in Canada. It adds that it had 8,800 engagements with digital pastors across all platforms since 2018.

24/7 Prayer - 19% of program spending

Crossroads Christian Communications runs a 24/7 Prayer Line. It reports over 1,200 prayer interactions daily. These include calls, emails, mail and online chats. This summed to 442,000 prayer interactions in F2022. The charity’s Walk of Faith program connects young Christians with mentors to guide them in their spiritual journey. Crossroads reports that 8,830 people take part in the program, along with 162 mentors.

Cares – 13% of program spending

Crossroads Christian Communications Cares programs include First Peoples Voices and Crossroads Cares. The First Peoples Voices program supports the healing of Indigenous communities in Canada. In F2022, Crossroads sent 1,400 packages of seeds to 70 families in Birch Narrows, SK, for community gardens. It also delivered 60,000lb of items to indigenous communities for Christmas. Crossroads Cares is a humanitarian relief and development organization. In F2022, the charity helped 95,300 Ukrainian refugees. It also dug or refurbished wells in 22 communities in Uganda. Its new women’s empowerment program trained 92 women in business skills.

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Results and Impact

Crossroads Christian Communications reports a 97% retention rate of the 8,830 subscribers to its walk of faith program.

While Ci highlights these key results, they may not be a complete representation of Crossroads Christian Communications’ results and impact.

This charity is not yet rated on impact (n/r).

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Crossroads received total donations of $9.2m in F2022. Administrative costs are 21% of revenues (less investment income), and fundraising costs are 2% of donations. This results in total overhead spending of 22%. For every dollar donated, 78 cents are available for programs, which is within Ci’s reasonable range for overhead spending.

Ci used the charity’s T3010 filing with the CRA to report administrative and fundraising expenses.

Crossroads has $3.2m in total funding reserves, once $99k of debt is accounted for. Crossroads could cover four months of its annual program costs with its reserves.

This charity report is an update that has been sent to Crossroads Christian Communications for review. Changes and edits may be forthcoming.

Updated June 7, 2023 by Victoria Allder

Financial Review

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending August
Administrative costs as % of revenues 20.6%8.1%11.2%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 1.8%25.2%24.6%
Total overhead spending 22.4%33.2%35.8%
Program cost coverage (%) 29.5%22.4%15.8%

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $000s
Donations 9,2418,2939,031
Goods in kind 1,2941,232982
Government funding 801,6431,143
Investment income (7)92
Other income 3,8833,0503,393
Total revenues 14,49214,22614,552
Program costs 10,0309,7979,657
Grants 858335208
Administrative costs 2,9921,1451,633
Fundraising costs 1682,0872,219
Total spending 14,04813,36413,718
Cash flow from operations 444862834
Capital spending 014598
Funding reserves 3,2142,3501,633

Note: Ci backed airtime received included in general contributions out of donations and program costs and treated it as goods in kind. Ci adjusted for deferred capital contributions, affecting revenue by ($340k) in F2022, ($342k) in F2021 and ($344k) in F2020. Ci backed out donations from Crossroads Television Systems Inc. from Canadian donations and included them in other revenue, reducing donations and increasing other revenue by $3.1m in F2022, $1.7m in F2021 and $2.1m in F2020. Ci reported grants to qualified donees from the charity’s T3010 filings and backed the amounts out of program costs, affecting spending by ($858k) in F2022, ($335k) in F2021 and ($208k) in F2022. Ci included amortization as a non-cash expense, affecting expenses by $903k in F2022, $952k in F2021 and $962k in F2020.

Salary Information

Full-time staff: 85

Avg. compensation: $85,355

Top 10 staff salary range:

$350k +
$300k - $350k
$250k - $300k
$200k - $250k
$160k - $200k
$120k - $160k
$80k - $120k
$40k - $80k
< $40k

Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2022

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