Teen Challenge Canada

9340 Sharon Rd
London, ON N6P 1R6
CEO: Dan Murray
Board Chair: Jacques Lapointe

Website: www.teenchallenge.ca
Charitable Reg. #: 10806 6663 RR0001
Sector: Social Services
Operating Charity

Results Reporting

Grade: B+

The grade is based on the charity's public reporting of the work it does and the results it achieves.

Financial Transparency

Most recent audited financial statements available on the charity's website [Audited financial statement for most recent year]

Need for Funding

Funding Reserves Program Costs

Spending Breakdown

Cents to the Cause

2014 2015 2016
For a dollar donated, cents funding the cause after fundraising and admin costs, excluding surplus.

Impact Rating: Low

Full-time staff #123

Avg. Compensation $40,007

Top 10 Staff Salary Range

$350k + 0
$300k - $350k 0
$250k - $300k 0
$200k - $250k 0
$160k - $200k 0
$120k - $160k 0
$80k - $120k 3
$40k - $80k 7
< $40k 0
Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2015

About Teen Challenge Canada:

Founded in 1958 in New York City, Teen Challenge is an interdenominational, faith-based residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation program operating in 82 countries, with over 1,000 autonomous locations worldwide. Teen Challenge Canada, headquartered in London, Ontario, has a mission to “help men and women overcome substance addictions to lead full and productive lives”. It has 6 men’s centres and 3 women’s centres across Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, New Brunswick, and Newfoundland.

Teen Challenge Canada’s addiction recovery program is a 3-phase, 12-month residential program. Upon graduation, students have the option to participate in Phase 4, a 6-month post-graduation residential program that gives students more time to set goals and transition back into society. Students in this program also act as mentors to those in the 12-month program.

The 12-month program helps men and women over the age of 18 overcome addictions through activities, classes, and counselling focused in several areas: Christian education, health and recreation programs, music and performing arts programs, and life skills and vocational training.

In 2016, Teen Challenge Canada received 601 applications, of which 206 were accepted into the program. In total, students had 87,360 hours of classroom training and 5,663 hours of counselling. Each student went through 14 group studies and 7 individualized learning units. Teen Challenge Canada had 72 students graduate from its 12-month program in 2016.

Financial Review:

Teen Challenge Canada is a big-cap charity with $6.2m in donations in 2016. It also received $3.3m in donated goods in kind, including 3,050 donated cars, and $313k in program application and enrollment fees. Administrative costs were 4% of revenues and fundraising costs were 17% of donations. As such, for every $1 donated, 80 cents went to the cause. This falls within Charity Intelligence’s reasonable range for overhead spending.

Teen Challenge has ($1.5m) in funding reserves due to $3.1m in mortgages and bank loans payable. The charity is currently in a capital campaign to raise funds for renovations and building upgrades.

This charity report is an update that is currently being reviewed by Teen Challenge Canada. Changes and edits may be forthcoming.

Updated on June 29, 2017 by Juliana Badovinac.

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending December
Administrative costs as % of revenues 3.6%4.0%4.6%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 16.7%15.1%12.6%
Program cost coverage (%) (19.7%)(19.3%)(20.5%)

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $000s
Donations 6,2305,8705,656
Goods in kind 3,3153,1352,394
Fees for service 313292315
Other income 121425
Total revenues 9,8709,3118,390
Program costs 7,6157,3317,045
Administrative costs 357375389
Fundraising costs 1,038884713
Other costs 217
Cash flow from operations 860721235
Funding reserves (1,497)(1,413)(1,441)
Note: Ci did not include loss on sale of capital assets, affecting expenses by ($9k) in 2016, ($6k) in 2015, and ($9k) in 2014.

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