Oxfam Quebec

2330 Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC H3J 2Y2
Executive Director: Byrnes Denise
Board Chair: Saint-Martin Jean-Guy

Website: www.oxfam.qc.ca
Charitable Reg. #: 11907 5091 RR0001
Sector: International Aid
Operating Charity

Donor Accountability

Grade: B+

The grade is based on the charity's public reporting of the work it does and the results it achieves.

Financial Transparency

Audited financial statements for current and previous years available on the charity's website [ Audited financial statement for most recent year ]

Need for Funding

Funding Reserves Program Costs

Spending Breakdown

Full-time staff #94

Avg. Compensation $60,144

Top 10 Staff Salary Range

$350k + 0
$300k - $350k 0
$250k - $300k 0
$200k - $250k 0
$160k - $200k 1
$120k - $160k 1
$80k - $120k 8
$40k - $80k 0
< $40k 0
Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2013

About Oxfam Quebec:

Oxfam-Québec (OXQ), a member of the international Oxfam confederation, is a non-governmental organization dedicated to implementing sustainable solutions to poverty and injustice around the world. OXQ was founded in 1973 as an independent organization from Oxfam Canada, with the mandate of raising French speakers’ awareness about the situation in developing countries. In 2000, OXQ also acquired an affiliate, CLUB 2/3, which is an international cooperation organization known for working for and with young people, both in Quebec and around the world. OXQ has five strategic objectives: economic justice, essential services, rights in crisis, gender justice and youth empowerment.  Its ultimate vision is a just world without poverty.

In F2012, OXQ implemented over 200 projects in 23 countries, throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  Programs focus on three key areas: humanitarian assistance, sustainable development and public engagement, and include both immediate emergency relief programs as well as long-term development initiatives. In F2012, OXQ allocated $40.2m to programs in these areas, of which the largest recipients were Haiti ($14.0m), the Democratic Republic of Congo ($4.1m), Canada ($3.6m) and Honduras ($2.9m).

Financial Review:

In F2012, OXQ’s administrative costs were 10% of total revenues. F2012 donations include $10.7m in international donations and $6.8m in Canadian donations. Fundraising costs were 21% of Canadian donations. In F2012, OXQ had funding reserves of $3.2m, which cover only 8% of annual program costs. However, this program cost coverage is understated, as the majority of OXQ’s programs are directly funded by annual CIDA funding.

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending March
Administrative costs as % of revenues 9.0%8.0%8.9%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 37.8%21.3%21.2%
Program cost coverage (%) 24.6%1.3%7.9%

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $000s
Donations 3,4576,6926,778
Goods in kind 4,2684,7483,740
Government funding 17,35025,80323,842
Investment income 3535
Other income 8,85411,09110,979
Total revenues 33,93248,33945,376
Program costs - International 26,14038,16336,613
Program costs - Canada 3,1944,4033,621
Administrative costs 3,0543,8704,018
Fundraising costs 1,3051,4271,439
Other costs 000
Cash flow from operations 239476(315)
Funding reserves 7,2055303,187
Note: Ci adjusted government funding for deferred contributions by ($5,404k) in F2012, $335k in F2011, and $3,524k in F2010. Total expenses were also adjusted for loss on sale of assets by ($2k) in F2011 and ($22k) in F2010. Goods in kind refer to contributions by volunteers. These contributions are also recognized as expenses under international program costs.

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