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Charity Intelligence has prepared independent research reports on over 700 Canadian charities. These reports are to help Canadians become better informed about the charities they give to. Each report is a brief overview of the charity providing concise information on the charity's programs, its spending and its funding reserves. We hope this helps you in your giving decisions. Please click here for more information on Ci's overall methodology.

We have star ratings on more than 700 Canadian charities. These ratings give donors a holistic metric assessing

1. a charity's donor reporting (accountability),

2. financial transparency,

3. need for money, and

4. overhead costs (fundraising and administrative costs).

Each of these measures is presented on the charity profile with additional information about the charity's programs, activities and impact, if disclosed. For detail on how these ratings are calculated, please visit our Rating Methodology page.

We've grown our overall database from 36 charities in 2010 to over 700 today. We estimate that these 700 charities receive more than half the $16 billion Canadians support charities with each year. Please let us know which charities you would like us to research going forward by submitting charity names.

For advanced searches or more tailored help with your giving, please contact Charity Intelligence.

Please click on the first letter of the charity name you want to look up

Charity Star Ratings

View ratings on the charities in our database. You can see a list of all 4-Star Charities, or to access all charity ratings become a Subscriber.

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