On May 3, 2016 a wildfire engulfed Fort McMurray forcing the mass evacuation of more than 88,000 people, The fire destroyed 2,400 homes. Fort McMurray is Canada's largest natural disaster. Canadians watched in horror. Fort McMurray was in our thoughts, prayers and top of mind in charitable giving. Canadians donated $319 million - the largest ever donation response to a Canadian disaster.

Now the fire is out, the people have returned to Fort McMurray, and the overwhelming job of rebuilding begins. While life goes on it's important to remember Fort McMurray and track that donations are spent quickly and effectively. Evaluating and monitoring are critical in intelligent giving.

Canadian Red Cross and other charities that responded will post donor reports in the months and years ahead. Charity Intelligence will analyse and evaluate these reports so donors can be informed. In addition, Charity Intelligence will keep a close eye on Fort McMurray's local charities to ensure they get the money to recover and play their critical role in Fort McMurray's rebuilding.

"Great to see @CharityIntel keeping @redcross accountable for #FortMac fires donations." @markyeg July 12, 2016

Charity Intelligence reports on Fort McMurray:

Fort McMurray 6 Month Update In the most recent three months, Canadian Red Cross received an additional $20 million in donations and spent $21 million. Spending was primarily on Red Cross programs ($16 million). Canadian Red Cross is doing one-to-one needs assessments. So far it has completed 13,310 client assessments, providing 9,000 families with money for temporary housing, rent, mortgage and utility payments. Canadian Red Cross has spent an estimated $187 million - 59% of total funds available - with $130 million remaining for Fort McMurray's relief and rebuilding. All of these funds have been committed, but commitments may change with new needs emerging - November 3, 2016

Fort McMurray 3 Month Update  Canadian Red Cross announced new spending commitments of $92 million. New commitments include $62 million for more Canadian Red Cross programs and $26 million to Fort McMurray's small and mid-sized businesses. This allocates the full $299 million in donations and matching government funds. Now the challenge is to move from commitments to execution. After fast disaster response in May, spending slowed. To date, $165 million has been spent - 55% of total funds available. Fort McMurray’s local charities haven’t seen much of the $50 million promised in June. We hope this changes, quickly - September 29, 2016

Fort McMurray 2 Month Update  The disaster phase is over. Fort McMurray now transitions to the relief and rebuilding phase. To date, 45% of donations and grants spent, Canadian Red Cross has an estimated $141 million to spend. This report gives donors a review of the disaster response with comparisons to other Canadian disasters Alberta Floods, Lac Megantic and Slave Lake, and brief updates on a few of Fort McMurray’s local charities – July 7, 2016

Fort McMurray Local Charities get $50 million commitment from Canadian Red CrossJune 3, 2016

Canadian Red Cross gives another $25 million to evacuees with re-entry scheduled to begin shortlyMay 30, 2016

Charity Intelligence recommends giving to Fort McMurray local charities in disaster response – May 5, 2016


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Future reports expected:

1 year report – expected May 2017

2 year report – expected May 2018

3 year Final report – expected May 2019



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