Top 100 Rated Charities

Top 100 Rated Charities

Are you looking for a list of the best of the best charities? The following is a list of the Top 100 Charities as rated by Charity Intelligence. These are the charities that have the highest point totals based on our rating methodology, excluding charities with an Impact rating of Fair or Low.

All of these charities are transparent, accountable to donors, have a need for funding, and are not wasteful when it comes to overhead costs. As well, 31 of these 100 charities have been rated for impact and have been found to be either Good or High impact charities. These are the charities donors can give to with confidence.

As well as the list below, we have compiled the details of these charities, sorted by either type of charity or by location, depending on your interest.


By charity sector:   By province (where they work):





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Our Top 100 Rated Charities in 2018:


Social Services: General

Social Services: Addiction Recovery

Social Services: At-Risk Youth

Social Services: Food Banks

Social Services: Homeless

Social Services: Mental Health

Social Services: At-Risk Women 

Social Services: Youth

Social Services: Education


International Aid






Animal Welfare


Fundraising Charities


Universities - Education

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