Canadian donors increasingly have questions and are asking for more information about their giving. We believe your giving is worth it. If you would like help, please call Ci's Donor Services 416.363.1555.

Which Charities Should I Give To?

Canada's charitable giving landscape is vast with over 86,000 registered charities. Canadian fundraising has become a sophisticated profession and today is a $3 billion industry. Yet the majority of donors act alone in their giving.

For those of us who are deeply committed to philanthropy, how can we sort through the overwhelming number of "asks" from so many charities, how can we be more constructive in our engagement with charities, and how can we give for greater impact?

Charity Intelligence sees giving as an investment towards a better Canada. Our innovative approach researches and analyses Canadian charities. Beyond our public website, Charity Intelligence works for individuals, family foundations and corporations providing independent and customized research to better manage giving and achieve greater impact.

If you are looking for help or answers, please contact us. You don't have to do your homework alone. Helping donors is why we're here.

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"Unexpectedly I was tasked with finding charities to execute a six-figure bequest. Finding Charity Intelligence and its research reports, was a terrific step toward identifying charities where donations would make a significant impact. Kate Bahen, Managing Director of Ci, was unstinting in giving me her time, experience, and knowledge of individual charities. She expanded on the information provided in the charity reports of specific interest to me. I  am enormously grateful for the assistance which directly led to effective donations which I am proud to have facilitated. Anyone who wishes to make an impact with their charitable giving would, in my opinion, be well-advised to take advantage of Ci's website with its broad range of information."

Your giving is significant. Your generosity is worth it.

Updated: November 2014

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