2015 was a year of phenomenal growth. With the generous funding from Canadian donors, Charity Intelligence continues to grow in influence.

Intelligent giving focuses on results. Here are the highlight Charity Intelligence results for F2015:

  • 221,000 people visited our Charity Intelligence website and downloaded more than 1.7 million charity research reports.
  • Charity Intelligence posted research reports on 654 Canadian charities, covering 53% of annual giving.
  • Charity Intelligence informed an estimated $39.4 million in Canadian giving.
  • With total operating costs of $223,106, Charity Intelligence is lean, thereby maximizing stakeholder returns.
  • Every dollar you donated to Charity Intelligence informed $176 in Canadian giving.
  • Charity Intelligence has been externally assessed in a preliminary SROi analysis and found to be a high impact charity.

It’s amazing to look back at how Charity Intelligence has grown. It started with a desire to know more about our donations and led to applying equity analysis methods to charities, writing research reports,  and sharing these reports. In 2007, Charity Intelligence did not have a website and had research on only 17 Canadian charities.

Now, with hard data and several years of research experience, Charity Intelligence believes more than ever that Canada’s social problems are not due to a lack of money. The problem is not “how much” money is donated, rather “how” money is donated. Rather than giving more money, we need to give intelligently.

Charity Intelligence’s research reports are a tool for donors to become informed and to give intelligently for greater impact. Our focus is on helping donors to be effective change agents. If donors had better information, they could be better givers. Canada’s philanthropy will be stronger with well-informed donors.

A small cadre of donors recognized the game-changing potential of informed giving. Their unfailing generous support of Charity Intelligence helps Canadian donors know the facts.

Thank you so very much.

The best thing a human being can do is help another human being know more.

Charlie Munger

To read the full report on Charity Intelligence's 2015 results:Ci 2015 Annual Report


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