Charity Intelligence’s most important asset is its people. The Ci Team is a passionate cadre of volunteer professionals, some retired, some still working crazy hours. Most of the Ci team have over 10,000 hours experience in the “for-profit” sector in different professions – investing, management consulting, and public relations. We all volunteer extensively with charities, and we are donors ourselves.

In 2006, one off-hand comment “just doing what I can” triggered us to think differently. We hadn’t seen our investing skills as applicable to Canadian charities. Yet doctors give their medical expertise; lawyers work pro-bono on worthy causes. At the same time, we were also digging into our personal giving trying to be better donors. Would our perspective, our independent work, be helpful to others?

Apparently so. The spontaneous responses from hundreds of donors from across Canada have guided our work.

For those donors that have questions, we hope our research and reports provide answers. We hope our work gives you new insights and helps you give intelligently.

And, please, keep emailing and calling in your questions. Since our beginning, your questions have driven our work forward.

Board of Directors

Kate Bahen, CFA Managing Director Retired equity analyst

Graeme Hepburn Chairman Dufferin Gate Capital

Nancy A. Self, MBA CFA, Independent Director


Greg Thomson, MBA Director of Research


Dr. Terrence Colvin, Founder of Success Markets Inc.

Public Relations

Patrick Gossage, Public Relations, Media Profile

Martha Grant, ProPublic

Ken Evans, APEX Public Relations

Joni Avram, Principal, Cause &Effect Marketing, Marketing & Communications (Alberta)

Design & Production

Stephen Thursby Design, Principal, Thursby &Associates

Myrna Forsythe Editor

Rachel Greiner Production & Design


Former Research Analysts, colleagues and interns who contributed so much to what Charity Intelligence provides donors:

Roland Bertin, Ci Top Picks Committee, Retired Director, Burns Fry Research

John Grandy, TD Investments Research (retired), Environment charities analyst

Chris Murphy, CFA, CIBC Wealth Management, Ci Food Bank Analyst

Indi Gopinathan, MBA, Investor Relations, Rainy River Resources Food Banks Analyst

Hanny Elsayed, CFA, Food Banks Analyst

Ben Gardent, MBA, RBC Capital Markets, Animal Welfare Analyst

Zoe Young, Social Results Reporting Analyst

Karen Greve Young, MBA, Cancer Analyst, Director, Strategic Initiatives at MaRS Discovery District

Michael Phillips, CFA, Education Analyst

Nancy Carss, CFA, At-Risk Youth Analyst

Summer Analysts

Bronwyn Smith, MBA, Charity Analyst

Daniel Binnette, 2013 & 2014 Summer Research Analyst, Harvard Law School

Yash Ahuja, 2015 Summer Research Analyst, MBA candidate 2016, Rotman School of Management

Zoe Best, 2015 Summer Research Analyst BCom candidate 2016, Queen's University

Rohan Bhargava, 2015 Summer Research Analyst, MBA candidate  Rotman School of Management

Mikhil Mahore, 2015 Summer Research Analyst, MBA candidate 2016, Rotman School of Management

Adam Heller, 2011, Summer Research Analyst, Davies Ward and Beck



Pennylegion Chung LLP 


Many more & counting...

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