With lower donations, Canadian Cancer Society’s new management team had to cut costs in all areas. 

“We really pushed ourselves to look at the organization differently and really re-examine every type of cost”, said Sara Oates, executive vice-president, finance and operations on behalf of CCS’s management team.1  Across the board, Canadian Cancer Society trimmed and consolidated, reducing total operating costs by a whopping $67 million. Canadian Cancer Society shed 29% of its costs from its 2016 operations. 

Here's where the cost savings came from:

Administration was reduced from $28.4 million to $5.5 million. Here is where the largest cuts were made. CCS reduced its leased space by 15%, consolidating its finance, human resources and management, significantly reducing its cost structure.

Cancer programs were trimmed by $16.5 million to $51.4 million. CCS has a bricks and mortar network of branches across Canada. More people with cancer are turning to CCS’s website for information, on-line support groups, and signing up for cancer treatment rides and fundraising runs. CCS closed 27 of its branches, maintaining its national reach with 65 branches. Some staff who worked at these branches will now work from home.

Fundraising costs were reduced by $14.9 million to $52.8 million. CCS centralized marketing, donor services and communications creating a lower cost structure. Even at this lower cost base of $52.8 million, CCS still spends more on fundraising each year than Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation, BC Cancer Foundation, Cancer Research Society, Terry Fox Foundation, and Movember put together.

Research grants were least affected, cut by $8.1 million to $48.9 million. Advocacy work is a minor program that was cut by more than half to $3.3 million.

The cuts resulted in a 24% reduction in full-time staff, resulting in 260 estimated layoffs, bringing the total payroll to below 800.

Kate Bahen

July 10, 2018


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1. Sheryl Ubelacker, Canadian Cancer Society turns around finances after cutting excesses post-merger, Canadian Press, July 4, 2018 

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