Donor Report: Two Years On – Donor Update Nepal Earthquake

Raised: C$27.4 million

Spent: $7.1 million in Phase 1 Disaster (26% of funding), $19.2 million to spend in Phase 2 and Phase 3

Financial information: In Phase 1 Disaster, spending included $3.5 million for field hospital and medical disaster aid, $3.6 million in humanitarian aid.


Key Activities: Canadian Red Cross provided cash grants in the disaster phase to 6,380 families to rebuild their homes. In early 2016, Canadian Red Cross provided a second round of cash grants to 8,900 families to buy tools, seeds and livestock. No dollar value of these cash distributions was found to assess what proportion of Canadian Red Cross’s aid was in cash.   

Canadian Red Cross focused on rebuilding health care infrastructure like regional hospitals and local medical clinics. The earthquake destroyed 14 of the district’s 19 health clinics. Eleven health clinics have been rebuilt so far. Canadian Red Cross repaired and provided medical equipment and supplies to 15 health clinics and one hospital. It built and fixed 28 water points and 910 latrines. For disaster preparedness, Canadian Red Cross trained 1,200 people to be Red Cross first responders.

Like Doctors Without Borders, Canadian Red Cross deployed a field hospital in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. In May 2015, Canadian Red Cross set up an emergency field hospital in Dhunche. Dhunche’s 15-bed hospital had completely collapsed in the April earthquake, killing 7 hospital staff. 

In the Phase 1: Disaster Phase, 110 Canadians were deployed to Nepal, treating 4,300 patients[i] (twice the consultations of Doctors Without Borders) and safely delivering 31 babies in the hospital.[ii] Canadian Red Cross handed over the emergency unit in August 2015. At that time, the hospital rebuilding was planned to start in February 2016. Yet in September 2017, Canadian Red Cross tents are still being used but are flimsy and in deteriorating condition. Canadian Red Cross has committed Rs42.4 million (US$405,000) for the hospital reconstruction[iii]. This is 2% of total donations received.

“ Service delivery has been hugely affected due to the lack of a proper building for the hospital. During winter, it is very tough to protect the newborns from cold". 

Dr. Jhalak Gautama, chief of Rasuwa District Hospital


Photo: Canadian Red Cross hospital tent still in use September 2017


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