Donor report: Nepal: Three months after the earthquakes, MSF reduces operations

Raised: no information found. No special appeal launched. Funded Nepal relief efforts from general operating budget. As such, it is understandable why there is no project financial breakdown.

Spending: US$11.2 million. Phase 1 Disaster April 2015-July 2015. 

Expertise: Specialized medical aid


Key activities: Doctors Without Borders worked alongside Nepalese doctors, performed 240 specialized surgeries, 2,500 health consultations, and helped Nepal’s medical teams reduce the backlog of those needing acute medical treatment. Wounded were evacuated to Nepal Orthopedic Hospital in Kathmandu, the Charikot hospital in Dolakha (epicenter of second earthquake), and Spinal Injury Rehab Centre.

Doctors Without Borders set up a 20-bed field hospital in the Gorkha district that treated 15 patients per day on average, with an average of 100 patients per day treated in the outpatient clinic.[i]

Nepal’s government capacity was stronger than expected; it led the mass evacuation of people severely injured. This left Doctors Without Borders doing helicopter clinics in remote locations providing treatments for 2,500 patients with less serious injuries. Doctors Without Borders ramped down its operation by July 2015 to a skeleton crew in case there was a disease outbreak, like cholera.

In addition to medical work, Doctors Without Borders’s report describes its other activities in distributing temporary shelter, and providing water and sanitation in the camps that set up in Kathmandu with people left homeless by earthquake damage.

When Doctors Without Borders deploys, this typically signals a major disaster. Doctors Without Borders response was brief and less intensive than anticipated – it got out of the way when it was no longer needed. As such, its program costs were less than expected but likely vital in the first month. 



 “Victims twice over: MSF continues to assist people affected by the two earthquakes in Nepal”, MSF Website, June 2, 2015 

Also Doctors Without Borders, International Activity Report 2015, p.70


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