2018 Highlights - Charity Intelligence's results for the year ending June 2018

  • 77% of donors say that reading a Charity Intelligence report increased the confidence in giving, and they gave 32% more. This is exactly the impact we hoped for. A 2016 StatsCanada donor survey found that 30% of Canadian donors are not giving more to charities because they believed their money will not be used efficiently or effectively. With unanswered questions and uncertainty, we estimate about $2.7 billion in giving is “on the sidelines”. If we could address this donor uncertainty, bridge the information gaps, donor confidence would rise and money would flow …. And donations would flow to more cost-efficient and effective (impact) charities. From Google Analytics and StatsCan, we estimate Charity Intelligence informed $74.1 million in Canadian giving, on an operating cost basis of $195,000.
  • Unique website visitors 348,500, 13% year-over-year growth – 85% of these unique visits are Canadian.  During 2018, we crossed the "1% population penetration" market: one percent of Canadians visit our website. These visitors read 1.3 million web pages. Ci is tracking a pattern similar to how American donors use charity ratings at Charity Navigator. Since beginning charity ratings in 2002, Charity Navigator is nearly at 3% population penetration. If Canadians continue to mirror this trend, Ci’s website visits will be tripling over the next 5 years to 3% population penetration, approaching 1 million unique visitors. Charity Intelligence's website is used by all Canadians with fairly representative weighting. Ontario visits are 11% over-represented, Alberta and British Columbia are balanced, and Quebec visits are 4% under-represented. Millennials remain the largest segments of visitors, accounting for over one third of total visits. Charity Intelligence is the on-line school, educating Canada's Next Generation of donors in intelligent giving.
  • Charity reporting improved 2.4% in summer 2018, a steady but slower improvement in charity donor accountability than hoped for. Since 2013 when we began grading charity reports, charity accountability grades have improved 18%. Canadian charities still lag British and Australian charities by a wide margin by our estimates: average Canadian charities scored 95, British charities at 120, Australian charities at 140. To be better informed, donors need better charity reports. This is going to be a long haul. 
  • November 1, 2018 set a new high in website visits with the release of the 2018 Top 10 Impact Charities, followed by the next day with the second highest visits ever. Charity Intelligence's Top Impact charities report remains the most popular article on the website, followed by 4-star rated charities. New this fall, Charity Intelligence released Top 100 Highest Rated Charities to continue to spot light great and outstanding charities to donors. The 2017 Top Impact Charities report receiving $32.2 million in new funding, partially attributable to being recognised by Charity Intelligence.

Financial review: Charity Intelligence is a small charity with donations of $244k in F2018. Administrative costs are 9% of total revenues and fundraising costs are 2% of total donations. For every dollar you donate, 89 cents goes to the cause. Charity Intelligence has funding reserves of $109k that cover 6 months of research.

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