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So much demand, and only so much time in each day. Charity Intelligence's research is prioritize on these 100 Top of the Pops charity reports, These are the charity reports most viewed in 2016. These charity reports are our highest priority in keeping up-to-date. 

Charity Intelligence's research coverage has grown to over 700 charities. These 700 charities receive $8.4 billion in donation and special events fundraising, approximately 53% of the $16 billion Canadians give annually. This gives Canadians good market coverage. Charity Intelligence follows the money and takes advantage of the concentration in Canadian giving; while there are 86,000 registered Canadian charities, these 700 charities are the 1% that receive more than half of all our donations. 

Which charities does Charity Intelligence update each year? Charity Intelligence has the team capacity to update 300-400 charity reports. Our bottom-up approach, using the charity's audited financial statements, reading the information on the charity's website, contacting the charity for edits, comments and corrections takes significantly more time than getting data disks from the Charities Directorate. We believe Charity Intelligence's approach gives donors a far higher report in accountability. We are committed to the 'Ci way' - and accept that some charities will only be updated every two or three years.

To best meet your needs for information, the Top of the Pops list will be updated each year. We align our resources to the charities that matter most to you.

So yes, some charity reports will go stale. The good news for donors is that a charity's programs and spending don't typically change significantly year-to-year. What a charity did in 2014 is likely very similar to what it did in 2016. 

Thank you to our incredible donors who fund Charity Intelligence's research. Your donations keep Charity Intelligence's research independent. Charity Intelligence's research is conflict free - charities do not pay for ratings or reports. 


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