October 18, 2016

Greg Thomson, Director of Research

With WE Day going on across the country, donors are seeking information on just what this “WE” is.  They ask why we don’t have a profile on Me to We. The simple answer is that Me to We is not a charity. It is a for-profit social enterprise that was started by Canadians Craig & Marc Kielburger in 2008 to sell products that empower people to change the world with their everyday consumer choices – primarily paid volunteer trips as well as socially conscious products. WE Day is run by Me to We to create awareness of the overall WE brand.

Confusing? Well, it just became more so. This past July, Free the Children was rebranded to be called WE Charity. Now the charity, social enterprise and overall movement have all been combined under one brand: WE.

WE Charity receives 50% of the annual net profits from Me to We, which, in 2015, amounted to $837,000, or just under 2% of total revenues for Free the Children.  WE Charity works primarily in Canada, spending 58% of program spending to empower Canadian youth to become active global citizens.  WE Charity also operates international programs in developing communities to help lift them out of poverty.

Interestingly, WE Charity has taken on the $16 million mortgage for the new WE Learning Centre in Toronto. It is not yet clear how this Centre will be used by the charity and business but Charity Intelligence looks forward to hearing about the social results on this significant investment.

To learn more about WE Charity, please view the WE Charity profile.


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